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This paper was presented at the UK Test Managment Forum. So many times we hear about teams who are 'going agile', yet what does it mean in terms of change? How different will the testing team and function be? In this presentation I talk about some key aspects of what we do now and show how they're not so far off their agile conterparts.

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Paper 19
Going Agile - UKTMF Presentation

Read the paper

Read the paper

Pages: 25

Authors: Mark Crowther

Table of Contents:


Why the Change?

Situation we find

Agile or Iterative?

Team's Agile Skillset

What’s actually going to change?

Effecting Gradual Change

Go agile anyway… quietly

Comparison - Planning & Analysis

Comparison - Test Authoring & Review

Comparison - Test Execution & Reporting

Comparison - Retest & Bug Closure

Comparison - Summary Reporting & Closure

Comparison - Retest & Bug Closure

What to change - Planning & Analysis

What to change - Test Authoring & Review

What to change - Test Execution & Reporting

What to change - Re-test & bug closure

What to change - Summary Reporting & Closure

No tears or lactic acid!

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