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Getting into Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) I started to see that the 'testers' perspective wasn't as prominent as I felt it should be. Speaking to various people about the tester's role in a BDD environment, I drew up some notes about what we do and what BDD means to us in terms of process and practice. This presentation captures that thinking, I've called it Behaviour Driven Testing (BDT) to just make it clear this is different from writing code (Development).

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Paper 17
An Introduction to BDT

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Read the paper

Slides: 40

Authors: Mark Crowther

Table of Contents:

What is Behaviour Driven Testing anyway?

Dan North presentation at QCon

Overview of BDD

Why is focusing TESTING on BEHAVIOUR so important?

So how does this CHANGE what we do?

Components that enable BDT

An outline of a BDT process

Final thought... why Ruby?

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