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The links shared here are for websites I often visit or refer to when in need of answers along with conferences that I try to attend when possible.
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Reddit Reddit - SoftwareTestingViews
Here you can find and share links to items such as: Blog Posts, Forum Discussions^, White Papers, Case Studies, OpEds, Discussion Documents, Conference Reports, Research Findings, Debates, Arguments and Opinions.

Online Education & Training

HTML and CSS tutorials, references, and articles www.htmldog.com
HTML Dog, the web designer’s resource for everything HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the most common technologies used in making web pages. Free tutorials and examples of using these core web technologies.

JavaScript Tutorials https://developer.mozilla.org/en/learn/javascript
The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is the 'source' for JavaScript, as in they invented it. On the site is a comprehensive set of online tutorials to learn up to Advanced level.

HTML and CSS tutorials, references, and articles http://www.w3schools.com/js
The W3Schools JavaScript section breaks the language down into 30+ sections, which includes JSON and the JS HTML DOM. You get to read through the examples and try the code in a the browser on the site.

InfoQ http://www.infoq.com
This site focuses on range of development technologies and provides Articles, Interviews, Videos, Presentations and Book Reviews. Users can select the technologies they're interested in to tailor the content that's presented.

Search Software Quality site http://searchsoftwarequality.techtarget.com
A great resource for professionaly written articles on a full range of topics related to software quality, testing, processes, tools, etc. Plenty of advertising but as part of the TechTarget group this is expected. be sure to check out the Webcast links.

Forums and Community Sites

Software Testing Club www.softwaretestingclub.com
Probably the most up-and-coming testing community site over the last 2 years. This site is run as a community site that allows members to connect with each other as 'friends', leave messages and join groups related to a particular place or topic. Each member is provided a personal blog and access to forums to allow discussion topics of interest with the other site members. The site has a calendar of events which members can show they're attending, lists of Videos and Books as well as job listings.

QA Forums www.qaforums.com
Probably the longest running forums for all things software testing related. Forums include tools, processes, practices, etc. Many of the well known names such as Scott Barber, Joe Strazzere and Michael Bolton have all been or are active posters here. The site is well moderated and requires you to sign-up before being able to post. This has sister sites of QA Tools and QA Jobs.

QA & QC Google Group http://groups.google.com/group/SoftwareQA-Testing
A long running Google Group dedicated to software testing. This group is well moderated and devoid of any spam, to post you will need to become a member. The discussions are robust and the members respectful and helpful at all times. Some collaboration on testing artefacts, papers and so on takes place.


Test Management Forum site http://uktmf.com/index.php?q=node/11
This conference is free each quarter and then costs around £80 for the annual conference. There are a number of presentations during the day and while they are delivered by various companies they is little commercial emphasis. The focus of the day is on learning and sharing in a discussion / workshop type environment. New presenters are always welcomed.

BCS SIGIST site http://www.bcs.org/server.php?show=nav.9262
The BCS SIGIST meeting is run four times each year and costs £110 or less for BCS members. There are a number of keynotes, talks and workshops during the day. The overall format is very good and the workshops well worth attending but need to be booked early. New presenters are always in demand.

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