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This website is the online repository for random pieces of work by Mark Crowther, Empirical Pragmatic Tester. Who? To answer that question have a look over my Profile and find out more there. What you'll find here is all related to software testing and software quality assurance, agile testing, traditional or otherwise. It's more a web based store of some useful discussion papers, templates for use in testing and other random information than a structured repository. Everything however is related to the practice of software testing from an empirical and pragmatic viewpoint.

You're encouraged to download and use what you find here, so long as it's for academic research and not commercial use. Make proper attribution or use this copyright statement. If you have any questions about software test and quality assurance feel free to email. I'll answer every mail but you might have to wait, it's a free service so "lump it", in a nice way.

Good luck with your adventures in our interesting and challenging profession - keep me posted!

Mark Crowther.

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[ Papers ]
The papers are a collection of discussions and proposals on a broad set of topics across the software testing and software quality domain. Send me any comments you have as I welcome feedback.
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[ Templates ]
I like to maximise my value and reduce time to become operational by reusing work done previously but with a new flavour to make it fit the new company. In other words, a good template is worth keeping and milking role after role, no need to reinvent the wheel.
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[ Books ]
A collection of Testing, QA and general management books I've read or tried to. A short list for now, but growing, enjoy.
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[ Links ]
A small set of links to very useful websites, they include social sites as well as sources of papers and discussion documents.
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[ Blog ]
How could I not have a Blog? Everyone's got one so feel free to visit Yet another bloody blog and comment on my random ramblings!
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[ Profile ]
Here's my professional profile, in curios third person narrative. If you'd like to know more or see a copy of my CV just send me a mail!
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[ Internet Groups ]
When I'm not working or writing content here I can be found over at the over at the Software Testing Club generally harassing people and making pointy statements. If not there then over at Test Republic doing the same. If I'm not found in any of these locations please call out the search party.

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